Introducing Our Retail Access Program (RAP)

WIRX Pharmacy has established itself as the premier workers’ compensation pharmacy where patients can feel at ease and trust in quality medication with every delivery.

Our Retail Access Program (RAP) provides a convenient and valued prescription fulfillment service unique to our industry, integrated with over 52,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Pharmacist always available

No out-of-pocket; No Co-pays

24-48 hour free home delivery

No disruption of care

For Attorneys

  • Non-legal ancillary service

  • WIRX handles open and litigated claims

  • Less stress on legal support staff and admins

  • Automated reporting services

For Doctors

  • Improved patient management

  • Improved outcomes for patients

  • Benefits in return to work status

  • Convenience and satisfaction for patients


I do not know how I would get my medication for my work-related injury if it wasn’t for WIRX Pharmacy.

When you are injured and in pain no one wants to go through the red tape of waiting days for relief. WIRX Pharmacy always delivers my medication as soon as possible. Be assured with WIRX Pharmacy you are relying on a fast and reputable staff.

-Evelyn W.